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Welcome to the State of Ohio VTX Riders Site !

Our goal is to get as many VTX Riders and friends together as possible for local, state, and regional rides 






Membership in the VTX Riders Club is open to anyone with an interest in group riding regardless of race, creed or sex.

All you need is to own a VTX and desire to join in on the fun and camaraderie of the group ride

The VTX Riders Club is a No Dues Organization of VTX Riders that want to be kept abreast of all things VTX related including National, State and Local rides and events and does not require attendance to Meetings or Rides.

Chapters will be encouraged to hold multichapter rides and weekend get-togethers. Chapters will also be encouraged to attend local events and conduct local events so to promote the camaraderie of the club and increase chapter participation.

To Sum it all up...
No Yearly Dues
You DO NOT have to show up at all club meetings
No tasks for you to perform
and No Commitments!

The only thing However, we do ask from our members is.....
Always ride safe
Dont Give The Club A Bad Name
Support Your Local Chapter


If you have any questions or concerns Please feel free to send

me an email at wrenim@yahoo.com


To register, just click here... "Join Now!"

Keep the rubber side down !

If you have any questions feel free to give us a shout !

Contact Info:

Coordinator state of Ohio - Wren Mayo



Coordinator Northern Ohio - Denny Manley aka "Porkrind"



Coordinator Central Ohio - 


Coordinator Southern Ohio - Troy Van Veen aka "vtxo5n"




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